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Video - Wood Cutting & Splitting Attachment

Videos Bobcat A300 Wood Cutting & Splitting Attachment

Duration: 4 minutes : 2 seconds
Author: zebra61
Vievs: 285 167 x
Rating: 5.0 / 5   (423 x)

Wood Cutting & Splitting Attachment

UPDATE: Thanks to some friends I have been informed that Hahn Machinery of Two Harbors Minnesota is the manufacturer. It's called the Hahn Firewood Processor or HFP-160. You can find more information at Video of a wood saw & splitter that someone sent to me. Seemed like a great attachment for a compact construction loader. It seems to make quick work of the woodpile. If anyone has information about this attachment, please contact me.

wood, splitter, asv, posi-trac, cutting, chainsaw, saw, attachment, woodstove, fireplace, heating, firewood, woodpile, fire, campfire, gasification, zebra, 61



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